Lab Updates

January 2024

Dr. Zopf gave a talk at the 2024 Annual surgical sleep society meeting in Wollongong, Australia.

October 2023

Dr. Zopf participated in the 2023 Summit, the 6th International Comprehensive Cleft Care Workshop held in Barcelona, Spain 

June 2023

Congratulations to Sonal Joshi for her presentation at SLEEP 2023.

June 2023

Congratulations to Alyssa Chen for being matched into the Otolaryngology residency program at Harvard/Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. 

June 2023

Congratulations to Sarah Raven for being matched into the Otolaryngology residency program at Wayne State University in Detroit.

May 2023

Congratulations to Melis Ozkan for her presentation at NOIG Scholars in Otolaryngology Conference.

May 2023

We presented our lab simulators at Youth Summit at Big House event at the Michigan Stadium field. About 350 diverse under-represented in Medicine middle school students attended this event from select schools from across SE Michigan. 

May 2023

Congratulations to Sarah Raven for her presentation about NPA device at COSM.  

April 2023

Congratulations to Anuj Patel for being selected to graduate “With Distinction in Research” at Commencement Exercises on May 12, 2023.  This designation is given to graduating seniors who demonstrated outstanding research productivity during medical school, as decided by the Committee on Medical Student Research.  

April 2023

Congratulations to Rishi Hoskeri, Madison Daminato, and Amanda Cheung for presenting their research on “Patient Care Optimization for Craniofacial Reconstructive Surgeries by Utilization of an In-House 3D Printing Workflow”. Their poster was showcased at the AAP/ASCI/APSA Joint Meeting, which features presentations of high-level discoveries from distinguished researchers in an environment of inspiration, collaboration, and collegiality for physician-scientists and those aspiring to become in that profession. 

March 2023

Congratulation to Sarah Raven, Nathan Montgomery and Alyssa Chen for being awarded 3rd Place in the 2023 ASPO “William Potsic Basic Science Award” – for their manuscript titled "Effects of Saline Submersion at Body Temperature on Airway Supportive Devices including a Novel Nasopharyngeal Device Produced using 3D-Printing".

Fall 2022

Congratulation to Rishi Hoskeri and Madison Daminato for becoming finalists for the International Medtronic Student Design Competition Supply Chain Track. They have presented their project, "Point of Care, In-House, Low-Cost 3D Printing and Modeling Workflow for Craniofacial Reconstructive Surgeries to Optimize Patient Care", at the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas, and have received 2nd place for their track in this international design competition. 

Fall 2021

Congratulation to our lab. Our project “Increasing Awareness to Surgical Skills Training through Development of a Low-cost Surgical Skills Trainer” has been selected for funding in the 2021 – 2022 Michigan Surgical Innovation Accelerator program (MSIA) Cohort.  

Fall 2021

Congratulations to Djordje for his presentation at Rapid + TCT, the North America’s largest additive manufacturing event where many 3D printing technologies are showcased. Djordje presented on “Advances in Simulation in Head and Neck Surgery Using 3D Printing” where he discussed the various uses of 3D printing in medicine, focusing on its use in simulation. 

Summer 2021

Congratulations to Katrina Yeomans  for her new position at Materialise as a Clinical Engineer

Spring 2020

Congratulations to Jadan Law for her great poster at 2020 Spring Blue Ribbon Winner for the "Tissue Engineering the pediatric Auricle using 3D-printed Bioscaffolds". 

Fall 2020

Congratulations to Brian Chang's 1st place William Potsic Research award at 2020 American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology Meeting for the "Hybrid Tissue Engineering" paper. 

April 2020  

Congratulations to Jadan for receiving  Blue Ribbon Certificate award for her outstanding poster and presentation during UROP virtual symposium titled "Tissue Engineering the Pediatric Auricle with 3D-Printed Bioscaffolds"

April 2020 

Congratulations to Allison for her accepted poster at ASPO 2020 titled "Design, Creation, and Validation of a Multicolor 3D Printed Temporal Bone Simulator"

April 2020 

Congratulations to Allison for her accepted poster at ASPO 2020 titled "Identification of Preferable Materials for 3D Printed Medical Models in Pediatric Otolaryngology"

April 2020 

Congratulations to Allison for her accepted podium presentation at ASPO 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is her virtual poster titled "Preliminary Clinical Results of a Nasopharyngeal Airway Device for Use in Patients with Severe Hypotonic Obstructive Sleep Apnea Implementing 3D Printing"

October 2019

Coming soon!!! Developing new horizons in surgical education

October 2019

Congratulations to our team for presenting at the Michigan Taubman Institute symposium! Our three posters were titled as follow: 

"In Vivo Tissue Engineering of Human Sized Ears Using Clinically Feasible 3D-Printed Bioscaffolds."

"Self-Supported Nasopharyngeal Airway Device for Treatment of Hypotonic  Upper Airway Obstruction"

"Creating a better screening test through the computer-aided design and 3D-printed manufacturing of a submucous cleft palate simulator"

September 2019

American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery conference in New Orleans. Djordje presented at the simulator showcase - an event where groups from across the country had the opportunity to display their various medical simulators. The two main simulators from our lab that was showcasing were the bilateral cleft lip model and the veaue II cleft palate.

July 2019

Lab gathering at Dr. Zopf's house to wrap up the summer break.

June 2019

Congratulations to Ross Michaels for presenting at the Michigan Physiological Society Conference! His poster was titled: "Visualizing Breathing Physiology Through 3D Printing and Microcontroller Technology."

May 2019

Presented our 3D printed simulators at SME's RAPID + TCT 3D event at Detroit, MI.

May 2018 

Sudharsan Srinivasan presented at ISL Poster Fair for our CRLT Grant project.